Kirirom Institute of Technology collaborates with sponsors in order to improve students' education. We currently have sponsors from various countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. This forms a great network and it also prepares great future for the students as well as the future of KIT. After successfully completing the program, our students will be employed directly by our sponsors.

KIT welcomes sponsors from local and international companies or industries.

Scholarship Sponsors

Scholarship Sponsor is a type of sponsorship which covers the cost of tuition fees for scholarship students. If your company wishes to sponsor one or more of our students, KIT will in exchange nurture and produce professional specialists for you.

This program benefits both sides. KIT will use the sponsor aid to help and educate students who could not afford the tuition fees due to family circumstances.

Internship Job Sponsors

Internship Job Sponsor is a type of sponsorship in which the sponsor provides the student/s with necessary hands on training in order to hone their skills.

KIT would use the internship job to help and educate students to have better understanding of the nature of their work and to increase their working experience by being a part of your company's projects. Tasks that you assigned to our students will have to be completed accordingly.

Dormitory Sponsors

Dormitory Sponsor is a type of a sponsorship in which the sponsor provides accommodation for student/s. If your company is to become a Dormitory Sponsor for KIT, your company will have to invest or buy off properties from our vKirirom Vacation Home in a special discounted amount.

KIT will use the properties bought to help and shelter students during the duration of their studies in KIT.